Session 1: Why Are We Here?
We will begin by exploring the beauty of why marriage is valuable in the Kingdom of God and what our hearts long for in marriage. We will also look at some of the basic assumptions that the Guide Team is making about the couples journeying through The Rendezvous Project.

Session 2: What Are We Up Against?
We’re going to talk about “where” your marriage is located, in the spiritual realm, in the Kingdom of God, and everything that is set against your marriage.

Session 3: What is Intimacy?
We’re going to explore what true intimacy is: knowing and being known, by God and by your spouse.

Session 4: The Heart of a Woman
We’re going to discover the glory and beauty that God intended when he created Woman.

Session 5: The Heart of a Man
We’re going to examine the core desires of a man’s heart, and the magnificent ways that God intends for Man to reflect His image.

Session 6: The True Self and False Self
We’re going to explore who we truly are and, more importantly, who we are not.

Session 7: What's Your Type?
We’ll continue discover more about who we are and who we are not by exploring how the Enneagram helps us in our journey.

Session 8: Healing Part 1
We’re going to look at the wounds we’ve received in the past, and why they matter.

Session 9: Healing Part 2
We’re going to take our wounds to Jesus and discover how He can heal us.

Session 10: The Glory of Your Life
We’re going to explore the unique calling and glory God has for each of us.

Session 11: Redemptive Parenting
We’re going to look at how a Redemptive Marriage can help us bring the Kingdom into our parenting and other relationships.

Session 12: Commissioning
We’re going to wrap things up and send everyone home with a blessing.

Bonus Session: Redeeming Sex
We’re going to explore the beauty of sexual intimacy within marriage and how God designed sex to reflect intimacy with Him.

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