“I learned to see my spouse through the eyes of Jesus, and fell in love with him all over again. My husband and I experienced intimacy & healing with each other on a level I could never have dreamed of. We are truly leaving this retreat as renewed and whole people that have a connection so much deeper than before. Our marriage will never be the same & I’m so thankful!”
“The Rendezvous Project had a major impact by allowing my wife and I to be able to understand our individual wounds. How through targeting then healing and restoring our own hearts, with God, will allow us to be able to learn to come together as one.”
“Trauma caused me to have severe self-esteem issues. My upbringing was very sheltered. Sex was bad and “don’t do it”. This caused me to develop almost an aversion to sex and caused me to start putting up walls around my heart. This weekend has allowed me to see that and begin to ask Jesus to heal those broken places in my heart and break down those walls. I also learned how important deep conversation is with my spouse. We usually talk about very superficial things or not at all. I’ve learned I need to let him in.”
“The Rendezvous Project was a beautiful and wonderful project that hugely impacted me and in turn my relationship with my spouse. The sessions gave me insight on many things and gave me freedom to be honest with myself, with God and with my spouse. It has truly impacted our marriage.”
“The Rendezvous Project was a great reminder of why we married and that God has a plan for our marriage. We have been inspired to grow and restore the marriage God intended. The Rendezvous Project gave us the tools to help us understand each other and to fight better for our marriage together.”
"The Rendezvous Project impacted my heart as a woman by helping me to see my beauty that God created in me. My husband is heavily involved in a men's ministry that pursues the heart of a man and I was so thankful to be able to use the weekend to pursue each other's hearts."
“Mark and I after 45+ years of marriage have really enjoyed this series! We’ve walked through many memories and discovered some new territory in ourselves and each other. It’s been sweet! Several older couple friends are eager to sign up for the series. Never too late for this adventure called marriage to rekindle!”
"We are being reminded of the importance of a God centered marriage and the role the enemy plays in attempting to destroy each of us."
"Normally when we are watching tv together, we are both on our phones too. While watching these videos, we are both engaged in the session instead of our phones."
"We loved the transparency of the guide team and the interview couples. But most importantly it reminded Kevin that we must be open to the fact that we possibly misinterpreted our lives and as a result he and his sister had a transformative conversation that had never happened before. Wounds for both were exposed to begin healing!"